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Which golf ball should I use?

Many non-golfers would be surprised to learn that there is a huge array of different golf balls available to players, purchasable for a variety of reasons. There’s no standard model – while you might want to go with something a little well-rounded if you’re starting out at the game, once you’ve started on your handicap and have a feel for your preferred style of play, it’ll be time for you to consider switching out your regular ball for an [...]


How to Choose Quality Used Golf Balls

Whether you have just been bitten by the golf bug or you have been playing for some time, the subject of buying used golf balls may pop up once in a while. Have you bought one yourself or even thought about it? A lot of players think buying pre-owned golf balls is beneath them and for good reason. After all, most recycled balls that were sourced from different golf courses, may have landed on lakes, ponds and streams, and water [...]


Did You Know? Golf Facts and Stats!

Did You Know that there is an estimated 540 million golf balls sold in the USA every single year yet it is estimated that around 300 million of those golf balls end up getting lost during a game of golf and the statistics of bought and lost golf balls is very similar in the UK. With this many balls being lost, over half the amount of balls being sold, surely the best option is to opt for cheap golf [...]