Grading Guide

Our golf balls are sourced from golf courses in Europe and the USA. They are shipped to our UK distribution centre where they are cleaned, sorted and quality graded.

PEARL GRADE (click image)

These are our best quality balls, and best sellers. They are difficult to tell from new, although occasionally you may find small players’ pen marks on a ball.

A GRADE (click image)

Good value for money, these balls have narrowly failed to make the Pearl grade. They are still in excellent condition, and only have minor signs of previous play. We recommend these balls for competitve play.

B GRADE (click image)

Our B grade balls have some signs of play – either club marks, player pen markings, discoloration, or a combination of the three. We do not recommend these balls for competitve play, but they are perfectly playable and offer fantastic value for money.

PRACTICE GRADE (click image)

Our practice balls have seen some action! They include X-Outs, older balls, heavily scuffed balls. We also include refinished balls in this grade. These balls are perfect for improving your game, and you won’t be too concerned if you hit a few into the lake!

Please note: Corporate logos may be printed on all the above grades.